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We help you make a positive impact through your business while keeping an eye on your company's interests.
People don't buy from you WHAT you do, but WHY you do it.

Whether it is one person's brand or a team of more than 100 people, it all boils down to these three fundamental components: A responsible brand, your community, and sustainable leadership.

When businesses are managed sustainably, both society and brands experience a significant positive impact.
Our unique approach
Where the magic happens
Brands tend to follow a pattern. Every stage comes with its own challenges. Luckily, each phase also has readily available solutions.
The brand’s sustainability cycle consists of three stages:
Impact Above & Beyond
Impact Growth
Impact Quickscan
Impact Innovators
Responsible Leaders
Sustainable Starters
Brands' Sustainability cycle
What stage of the sustainability cycle is your brand in?

1. Sustainable Starters
We are a leading firm in providing quality and value to our customers. Each member of our team has at least five years of legal experience. We love what we do.
2. Responsible Leaders
Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. You can call us during the weekends and at night. You can also visit our office for a personal consultation.
3. Impact Innovators
This final but ongoing stage aims to maximise sustainability impact by providing a tailored service that includes:
  • training brand members
  • identifying and implementing sustainable practices throughout the supply chain
  • achieving recognized sustainability certifications, creating circular products and services
  • implementing innovative sustainability practices.
The goal is to become a leader in sustainability within the industry and bring positive environmental and social impact to the next level.

3. Impact innovators
show your continuous impact
A tailored-made solution for impact innovators that aim to lead an impactful brand to the next level.

We recognize that each company has unique and pressing sustainability needs and varying impact goals to lead its way in sustainable efforts. We provide a personalised service to help you boost your sustainability impact and, if desired, guide your brand through B Corp certification.
Impact Above & Beyond
2. Responsible leaders
grow your impact efforts
Impact growth methodology for responsible leaders for 3 months.

We'll walk you through the process of developing a comprehensive impact strategy that aligns with your core values and ambitions in just three months. We'll also assess the risks and opportunities in your supply chain and assist you in developing a transparent communication strategy to avoid greenwashing.
Impact Growth
1. Sustainable starters
know your impact position
Insight for sustainable starters with our 1-day business scan.

Curious to see how you are performing in terms of sustainability? The Impact Quickscan is a 1-day assessment in which we analyse the sustainability status of your business: a baseline measurement, immediate opportunities, most pressing challenges and quick wins. On top of that, you will see how you are performing in comparison to your competition.
Impact Quickscan

The method


No matter what service you choose, we waste no time and get the whole RR team onboard to help you with your sustainability efforts. With us, you get direct guidance on how to align your impact with your business goals while complying with the latest laws and regulations.


Our approach is people-centred. We work closely with your team to develop a customised sustainability strategy that fits your brand's DNA and resources, maximising your positive impact.

Top quality

With decades of experience in the industry and a proven methodology, we deliver top-quality sustainable solutions. Our portfolio includes over 50 fashion brands, and we're proud to have left a lasting mark on each project. We specialise in turning complex sustainability challenges into actionable steps that can be implemented immediately.
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